Game consoles repairs

Playstation 4 PRO common faults:

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HDMI socket replacement 

HDMI port has the physical damage like bent or missing pins, socket feels loose or core pushed inside…

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HDMI IC chip replacement

HDMI port has no any physical damage like bent or missing pins, booting white  but still no video on screen…

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Flashing Blue Light BLOD

Console has flashing/pulsing blue light with no video on screen …

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Power Cut Off – No Power

Console powers only for split second or not power at all…                                       

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Blu-Ray drive issues

Console not reading or struggling to read game discs, not ejecting or taking disc…

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Controller  sync issue

Controller not able to connect with console, flashig blue or only working in safe mode…

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Internet connection issues

Console not able connect to internet/WiFi or has intermittent connection….

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Hard Drive replacement/upgrade

Console has message cannot access system storage, working slow, games freezing…

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Error codes CE-34878-0 or SU-42118-6

Console has error code on screen during update or playing games…

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Fuzzy or snowing screen

Console able to power but video on screen is snowing, flashing or disappearing…

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Console is working very loud, keep switching off with red light or has message: the PS4 is too hot

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Can’t find fault?

Don’t worry if you can’t find your console’s fault in our list, just contact us and we will help you…

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